Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We Guide You To Get Real Sales Leads From Social Media

Get remarkable advertising value by putting your message in touch with the right audience

Engage with your customer through our interactive social media marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing: Social media is highly engaged web platforms where we all connect, share, entertain, find what we need and many more reasons. When we communicate our offerings and value proposition to right target audience by identifying the segment and their respective need on social media platform there is high chances to engage with our leads and convert them as our customers.

Why we do Social Media Marketing: We believe that social media marketing is the best way to spread word of mouth, engage with customers. We can use our creativity and can bring best of ROI through social media marketing. Reachability of social media is exceptionally huge. It is opportunistic platform; we just need to know how we do our social media marketing correctly. And we know it!

At YashQ, we know that social media is the best way to get noticed. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn will give your business a bigger voice and help you Get Noticed.

Social media is changing the way people and business communicates. Having a social media presence will help your business connect directly with people who share your values and need your services.

YashQ Digital Station will harness the power of social media to help you build a robust community that is passionate about your brand.

What is Social Media Marketing: Using strength of millions of people on social media platform to sell and promote your business is social media marketing. By deploying right content and strategic engagement with the targeted audience social media marketing can take your business to new heights.

It is a digital world and billions of websites floating on the internet. It is important to stand out by your differentiating unique factor and doing things right. It starts by making your digital initiatives efficient and instead of cost, it turns in to profit.

Social media marketing (SMM) is the key to getting your business noticed and found. The goal of SMM is increase a company’s brand exposure and expand their customer reach using content that users will engage with and share. Your business can gain attention and get noticed through various social media sites.

SMM is also a great way to manage and maintain customer relationships. Getting found on a variety of social platforms enables your business to interact directly with new and existing customers in real time, and this helps to build your brand.

Social media is one of the digital initiative becoming a priority over any other internet marketing activity. Having a power of engaging with the target audience in most effective way, there can be no better way to market yourself. But before you dive into it, it is important to keep three main factors in your mind.

  1. You need to know the clear direction and message to be delivered through this channel. It can be selling, promoting, branding, feedback, etc. Having a clear direction will define resource planning and investment. It will also help in building persona and will clarify your audience about “why they should follow you”. Having a mixed persona content may confuse the targeted audience and drive off your channel.
  2. You need to know clear goals that you want to achieve through social media. By setting up the target for each social media channel and tracking them through analytics tools, it will be easier to measure results and make corrections whenever needed. There are tons of tools available online to track your goal.
  3. You need to attract a relevant audience. If you have followers but none of them is helping you in meeting your goals, then having them on your followers list is not helping you. You need to understand the target customers persona and their activity online and what do they like. Quality of your audience is more important than quantity. Having irrelevant followers will not only clutter your space but also may disguise prospective followers from joining your account.

Having these three factors into consideration: intention, goal and audience and doing it in a systematic manner will promise you defined results.

Do you need help getting your business selling online?

Facebook: We all know Facebook, it doesn’t need introductions. It’s a mark of success but at the same time being so popular sometimes makes it cluttered and irrelevant. How to make the best use of its popularity still can be discussed. Facebook has realised this issue and now they are focusing on interactions which are relevant and useful to the user. They are also focusing on business news feed and sponsored post. Their biggest strength is number of users, which no other platform has.

Linkedin: 71% of marketers use Linkedin as the most important social network. Linkedin is clearly a social media platform which caters business needs and evolving as a place where professional can get things done.

It is not just a recruitment platform which can help you get a job but it also has capability of generating business. It starts from generating your own profile describing what you can offer or how you can be useful to your target audience and engage with the audience on a regular basis.

If you are running a company, it is essential to have a LinkedIn page and use some of the tools like sales navigator to narrow down on sales leads. These tools are designed to use network connection and data and help in converting leads. They also offer marketing solutions for lead generation and branding purpose.

Harness the power of social media to build relationships with your customers, drive website traffic, and increase sales.

Our Social Media Strategist Services include:

Let us handle your online presence so you can focus on running your business.

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