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Whatsapp Marketing: The new way to reach your customers!

How to leverage the power of Whatsapp to grow expand and multiply your business!

Deliver A Better Customer Experience with WhatsApp Business API

Communicate over the world’s most used chat app as your WhatsApp Business Solution Provider.

WhatsApp Marketing. Our Whatsapp Marketing Service allows you to send promotional text, Images, or Videos across all the smart-phones around the world. This is something that makes Whatsapp the smartest way to promote your business and keep in contact with your. current and potential customers.

Whatsapp is quickly becoming a powerful tool for businesses to reach their customers in a new way. With over 1 Billion active monthly users and one of the most used apps, businesses need to learn the strategies of how to jump on and take advantage of this network.

Be Where Your Customers Are: Customers want to connect with businesses on a familiar platform that is fast and reliable.

Using WhatsApp for your business messaging opens the door for better communication – leading to better customer engagement, increased trust, and long-term customer relationships.

Send real-time alerts and notifications while offering always-on support through a chatbot or live agent

Whatsapp Marketing Service allows you to send promotional text, Images, or Videos across all the smart-phones around the world. We have worldwide targeted WhatsApp databases.

WhatsApp is a mobile application and important marketing tool that can help you promote your products and services in a much better way in Dubai and across the world. You can quickly broadcast your message to your potential customers, announce new offers and boost sales.

Enterprises using WhatsApp Business API can communicate with their customers in two ways:

Customer Care: Respond to customer-initiated conversations over WhatsApp for free within 24 hours of the first message being sent. Enable your contact center agents to:

Notifications: Collect opt-ins from your customers to deliver templated messages over WhatsApp. Once your customers are opted-in, you can send alerts and notifications in real time.

Use media message templates to create rich notifications that include downloadable documents, images, videos, or location sharing, so you can:

Whatsapp Features

Enterprises using WhatsApp Business API to send notifications have experienced:

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